Nikyokan 仁響館 – Casa de las artes escénicas japonesas

Wadaiko for kids


Join and experience the intensity of this ancient instrument and discover the music and art history of Japanese percussion through play!


  • Introduce students in a practical and theoretical way in the art of wadaiko.
  • Study basic techniques and modes of playing the beta-uchi style instrument (taiko in a vertical position).
  • Acquire a basic knowledge of music theory necessary for the understanding, analysis and interpretation of repertoire.
  • Develop creativity and teamwork through playful activities.


1 hour each lesson. 

Materials: each student will be provided with an instrument in class.

Each student must have a pair of bachi (drumsticks).

TEACHER: Rosario Barrios

Rosario’s profession is Music Therapist, and she has developed an extensive study of the link between Wadaiko and Music Therapy. She has experience working with children and adults with disabilities.

At the moment, she is working on a project for the integration of wadaiko with people with disabilities.

Rosario is the Nikyokan Wadaiko’s taiko player with the greatest formal music-pedagogical training, which today fully applies to the teaching of children, with and without disabilities.


Children between 7 and 11 years old with or without previous musical experience and knowledge.


7 students.


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