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Rosario’s profession is Music Therapist, and she has developed an extensive study of the link between Wadaiko and Music Therapy. She has experience working with children and adults with disabilities.

At the moment, she is working on a project for the integration of wadaiko with people with disabilities.

Rosario is the Nikyokan Wadaiko’s taiko player with the greatest formal music-pedagogical training, which today fully applies to the teaching of children, with and without disabilities.

Rosario begins her musical training from the early age of 5 years, venturing into the individual practice of the piano, to then continue her training in music schools until she is 18 years old.

In 2017 she began her wadaiko practice at the Zendaiko school, and in 2019 she joined Nikyokan Wadaiko group where, in addition to her profile as a taiko interpreter, she applied all her musical studies in a comprehensive way, making musical arrangements, compositions and incorporation of voice, piano and shamisen to the repertoire giving a new color to the group’s staging.