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Japanese style class? Yes! in INTRODUCTION TO KOTSUTZUMI with sensei Fukuhara Tsuruaki. This course is ideal for those who are curious or wish to discover the sounds of traditional Japanese music.


Introduce students to traditional Japanese music.

Teach basic reading concepts according to the Fukuhara School.

Apply the technical and postural fundamentals in the execution of the instrument.

That students apply the Japanese forms and adapt to the structure of a class as it is given in Japan.

1st module: Kotsutzumi (4 lessons)

Instrument explanation

Basic techniques

Entry-level piece of music

The first module will be through the Kotsutzumi. Once the course is finished, it is possible to advance to a second module of Otsutzumi and a third module of shimedaiko as long as there is a minimum number of students who wish to continue.


4 theoretical-practical classes.

An hour and a half. Once a week.

Materials: Students will be provided with practice instruments for lessons and to take home for practice.

TEACHER: Fukuhara Tsuruaki

Born in Japan and raised in a family of great Japanese dance artists, she completes her musical studies of singing and traditional instruments with such masters as Eifusaji Kineya and Tsurujiro Fukuhara, among others. Currently she specializes in Hayashi, the orchestra of traditional Japanese theater, and is one of the few teachers representing it.


Interested in traditional Japanese music with or without previous musical experience and knowledge.


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