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Join to get  introduced to the tradition of the koto (Japanese traditional stringed instrument), its basic instrumental techniques and musical interpretation.


Introduce students to traditional Japanese music through the study of the musical universe of the koto.

Study the main basic techniques and ways of execution of the instrument simultaneously with its application in some of the initial compositions of its musical repertory.

Acquire a basic knowledge of music theory necessary for the understanding, analysis and interpretation of the repertoire to be studied and the most used tuning modes.

Make instrumental practice through the use of genuine instruments of Japanese origin.


4 theoretical-practical lessons.

Materials: students will be provided with instruments and accessories made in Japan.

Lesson 1

  1. The origins of the koto, its journey in the history of Japanese music. Instrument features. Its main uses in traditional music.
  2. Arrangement of the instrument and body postures for its execution. Basic tuning systems (first part). Resulting scales. Basic techniques of the right hand (1st part).

Lesson 2

Basic techniques of the right hand (2nd part). Basic techniques of the left hand (1st part). Beginning of study and practice of a traditional entry-level piece.

Lesson 3

Basic techniques of the left hand (2nd part). Continuation of the practice of an initial level musical piece.

Lesson 4

Final arrangement of the initial level piece and its practice, convergence of the contents addressed in the classes applied to the musical piece. Final conclusions of the course.

Once the course is finished, it is possible to advance to a second module as long as there is a minimum number of students who wish to continue.

TEACHER: Andrés Duarte Loza

Composer. Full professor, teacher-researcher of the Department of Music of the National University of La Plata. National Professor of Music (IUNA), Bachelor of Composition (UNLP). Master of Arts with a specialty in music, graduated with honors from the Tokyo University of the Arts (Japan). He was a visiting professor at the Department of Music at the Tokyo University of the Arts. He has been a member of the Tokyo Koto Studio Jiyuryu since 2009.


Interested in traditional Japanese music with or without previous musical experience and knowledge.


4 students.


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