Nikyokan 仁響館 – Casa de las artes escénicas japonesas

Yuji Kuramochi

Sounds of Japan

Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires

may 2018

Flyer Yuji


Yatai Bayashi


  • Sounds of Japan Show with Shinzui Daiko and Medetaiko at the Japanese Garden.
  • Shinobue (Japanese flute) workshop.
  • Miyake workshop.
  • Fundamentals workshop.

Yuji Kuramochi


Yuji Kuramochi, born in the city of Tsukuba (Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan), is a young professional taiko, shinobue and shamisen interpreter. He stands out for his virtuosity and versatility in the three instruments he dominates. His professional training began after completing his experience in the apprentice center of the Kodo group, and after finishing his studies he returned to Tsukuba to lead the local group Ninomiya Taiko and later found the group Ubusuna. Now he is a solo artist in the city of Mito, Ibaraki prefecture.

Yuji Kuramochi