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Yosuke Oda



oCTOBER 2019

Flyer Yosuke

Arayakishi - Yosuke Oda & Nikyokan Wadaiko ft OIANT (untref)

SOUL OF MUSICIANS - Yosuke Oda ft. Orquesta de cámara y Nikyokan Wadaiko | CCK sala Argentina

TAIKO by Yosuke Oda | Nikyokan 仁響館

Intimate interview with Yōsuke Oda during his visit to Argentina

Yosuke Oda at UNTREF

YATAI BAYASHI 屋台囃子 | Yosuke Oda & Nikyokan Wadaiko

Argentinian Folk Music ft. Yosuke Oda


  • ARAYASHIKI Show with Nikyokan Wadaiko and OIANT at Margarita Xirgú Theater. Special guest: Leandro Pereyra at quena.
  • SOUL OF MUSICIANS show with chamber orchestra and Nikyokan Wadaiko at CCK Sala Argentina.
  • Taiko lecture at UNTREF.
  • Miyake Workshop.
  • Odaiko Workshop.
  • Improvisation Workshop.
  • Yatai Bayashi Workshop.
  • Katsugi Workshop.


Yosuke begins his taiko practice as a high school student. In 1999, he entered the Apprenticeship Center of the world-renowned Japanese performing arts group KODO. In 2003, he was appointed a stable member of the same group.

With almost 20 years in this group, he began his path as a soloist at the end of 2017.

Today Yosuke is a prolific composer and artist who seeks the true sound of the drum with limitless demand and passion.

It has numerous concerts in important venues in more than 30 countries, of which the Royal Festival Hall (Great Britain), Carnegie Hall and the Boston Symphony Hall (USA), the Paris Opera (France), and Cecillia Concert stand out. Italian with Orchestra (Italy).

He also produced and participated in hundreds of concerts and workshops both inside and outside of Japan.