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Join and experience the intensity of this ancient instrument and discover the music and art history of Japanese percussion through the performance of shimedaiko!

The Shimedaiko is the small, high-pitched drum often used to carry the rhythmic base of a drum ensemble. It requires great dexterity in controlling bachis (drumsticks), playing patterns at fast speeds, and having good sound control. at a steady pace.

In this new Nikyokan course we make available the basic and advanced techniques to be able to exploit all the faces of this instrument and thus discover the nuances and other interesting uses of shimedaiko.

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  • Introduce students in a practical and theoretical way in the art of wadaiko.
  • Study of reading and musical notation. Students will work with different types of notation modes: binary and ternary, simple and compound.
  • Study of rudiments and their application.
  • Implementation of finger technique to obtain total control of our bachi and thus work on sound and speed.
  • Teaching a piece to be performed in a group.


12 theoretical-practical lessons. Once a week.

2 hours each lesson. 

Materials: each student will be provided with an instrument in class.

Each student must have a pair of bachi (drumsticks).

TEACHER: Leandro Oscar Martinez

Leandro is a professional drummer and percussionist. He began his studies more than 20 years ago and had from teachers to great musicians such as Pera Bogliotti, Diego Albornoz, Diego Alejandro and Mario Gusso, and then continued as a self-taught musician. Leandro incorporated in his way of playing Andean folk rhythms as a result of living some years in the north of the country. 

He participated with the greatest authors of Argentine popular music and performed in the biggest stages of the country such as the La Salamanca National Festival, the National Festival of Cosquín and the Festival of La Vendimia, among others. 

In 2017 he began to venture into the fusion of folklore with Japanese drums. During 2019 he took wadaiko classes in Nikyokan and is currently part of the waiko unit group Nikyokan Wadaiko.


Interested with or without previous musical experience and knowledge.

It is recommended to be in good physical condition.


8 students.


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