Nikyokan 仁響館 – Casa de las artes escénicas japonesas

Mariano Shiroma

Mariano has been practicing taiko since 2011 and has been an active member of the Mukaito Taiko group since 2012. From 2014 to date, he is one of the artistic directors of the group and who teaches and prepares new applicants and students.

Through all these years, Mariano has developed as an artist not only because of the large number of presentations that Mukaito Taiko has every year inside and outside the Japanese community, but also because he has trained with global references of taiko that they defined in him his main influences.

Among some of his artistic milestones, Mariano has performed at the Maipo theater, San Martín theater, has performed together with the professional group TAIKOPROJECT and has been directed repeatedly by the great theater artistic director Teresa Dugan.

Mariano has become not only a scenic reference within Mukaito Taiko but he is also one of the leading taiko players in Argentina.

Given his great influence by the professional group TAIKOPROJECT, Mariano has been working and researching the Naname style technique since 2015. Since then he has learned and continues to perfect himself with different icons of this style, mainly from the USA, such as Masato Baba (Artistic Director of TAIKOPROJECT), Seiichi Tanaka (father of taiko in the USA), Kristofer Bergstrom (Pedagogical Director in Los Angeles Taiko Institute) and David Wells (Professor at LATI) among others. This has led him to travel repeatedly to the US to continue and advance in his learning with these references of the Naname style.

This resulted in Mariano into building his own technique influenced by elements that he incorporated from each of his teachers and mentors.