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Business Training

Taiko, an ancient oriental practice that is linked to different uses, such as a means of communication and devotional or artistic uses. Its practice invites us to reflect on the primal sound of the drums and has the power to transport us to the depths of ourselves.

Taiko helps us to connect with our interiority, with our tribe, our group and our teams. It is about listening to ourselves, observing and being attentive to our heartbeat and the heartbeat of our colleagues.

In this practice the body has a vivid record, it becomes a witness of our self-improvement, our will and teamwork. We also learn to manage our emotions (anger and frustrations) and the impact they have on those around us.

Taking into account that this ancestral art has both the ability to promote unity and to keep us attentive and focused, we want to share our passion for the sound of drums and the benefits it has on an individual level as a group.

Motivated by all the above, it is appropriate for us to introduce this tool in companies, as a way to rethink group work and understand the meaning of collaboration and personal contribution. It is known that, for teams to be aligned and achieve excellent results, it is necessary to work on their emotional plane as well as on their mental aptitude. For this reason, we believe that this proposal will provide the teams with the necessary training to respond successfully to pressure situations that may arise on a day-to-day basis.


Our proposal consists not only in talking about what it means to work as a team, but in experiencing the strength of the collective in action, in this way, each team will be able, through feeling and experimenting, to become aware of their own internal pulse and power that this confers on a group level.

Why through music?

Because it has its own vibrational frequencies that either resonate or collide with our body’s own rhythms. When the two resonate on the same frequency we feel “in tune” and that is when we learn better, work better, are more aware, focused and alert.

Finally, we believe that it generates motivation to work as a team and improve the work environment and stimulates the creative development of solutions for critical problems.

Percussion allows us to experience and feel the strength of the group working together!


Deepen the understanding of the role as members of work teams oriented towards superior performance, through instrumental and experiential learning.

Involve the body, the observation, the listening, the own response and that of other participants in the face of the challenges that are posed daily in companies.

Experience the importance of attitude and personal contribution so that each participant contributes the best of himself, contributing to the final result of the team.

Reflect on the strategies that optimize teamwork to facilitate their application in future projects.

Become aware of what we are capable of achieving together in the face of the limitation of what we are not capable of doing individually.

Consolidate the work team coordinating actions.

Celebrate the sound learning space.


The activity is carried out in a single group, the number of participants can vary, the maximum number is 50 people. The necessary instruments will be provided.


Part time.


To be defined by the Company.


Silvina Arnozis (Facilitator / Speaker)

Gaston San Cristobal

Maria del Rosario Barrios Caram


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